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13th January 2012

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Should girls and boys be taught separately and be in different schools?

A friend of mine teaches very young children. He approached them with the question above and this was one result. Worth sharing.

"I think NO they should stay together .When they grow up they have to work with other genders in they’re jobs or if they’re married. If they don’t go to the same schools boys be more rude to woman . If less and less people get married then they won’t have babies . If they don’t have babies the population will decrease more and more.Then every human will die.No one will want to die and have the human race extinct.If there are single-gendered school boys and girls will also be a bunch of weirdos because if they hang out with only their gender then there going to be by far different than the other gender. Some boys are wimps and some girls are just plain tomboy . If a girl is a tomboy and is stuck with a bunch of Non-Athletic people she will go insane and have nothing to do during school. Also if a boy who’s non athletic go to a Boy’s school filled with tough guys. He will likely get beaten up over and over again. Then he’ll be hurt and if he’s hurt then he won’t be able to do any of his work and get F’s on all of his subjects. Then, he’ll get a bad job when he grows up or be a hobo. If more people are poor then the economy will have trouble. But, different gender schools can cause less drama but it’s way worser then schools that have both gender.I SAY NO TO SINGLE-GENDER SCHOOLS BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT THE WORLD TO DIE. Thank you ♥”

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26th September 2011

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If a Married Lesbian Couple Saves 40 Teens from the Norway Massacre and No One Writes About it, Did it Really Happen? →

A positive news article about the norway massacre from “Talk about equality”.

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